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Central Whidbey Veterinary Services offers a full range of medical care for your pets and livestock. Preventative care is the foundation of our practice, to ensure a long, healthy life for your pets and the long-term health of your herd. In addition to emergency veterinary care, we provide the following routine services:

Vaccines ­

Preventative care starts with vaccinating your pets against deadly viral diseases. Beginning at eight weeks of age for puppies and 6 weeks for kittens they can begin receiving their DA2PP or FVRCP respectively and their rabies vaccine. It is recommended that all animals receive periodic booster shots based on their lifestyle and risk of exposure. Our clinic will work with you to determine which vaccines are most beneficial for your individual pet.

Wellness Exams ­

Small animals should receive yearly exams to ensure they develop and age appropriately. A routine exam consists of monitoring weight, vitals, dental health and checking thoroughly for any abnormalities. As your pet ages, we recommend periodic blood tests to detect any changes in organ functionality. When medical issues are detected early, it can extend the life of your animal companion as well as save you both time and money.

Spay & Neuter ­

In addition to eliminating unwanted breeding, spaying and neutering provides many health benefits including reduced risk of mammary cell, ovarian or testicular cancer and reduced behavioral issues associated with sex hormones.

Dental Cleanings and Extractions ­

Broken or infected teeth can cause many issues for your pet including reduced appetite, aggression, and serious internal infections. To prevent decay, we recommend dental cleanings for animals who are prone to tartar build-up as a preventative measure. Cats who are FIV (feline immunodeficiency virus) or FeLV (feline leukemia virus) positive may require more extensive dental care during their lifetime.

Digital X­Rays ­

Digital radiography provides faster, cheaper, and higher quality images than traditional x-rays and produces less radiation during imaging. We are able to see in greater detail orthopedic problems, traumatic injuries, and congenital deformities that may be affecting the health of your pet, which allows us to give timely diagnosis and treatment.

Laser Therapy ­

Laser Therapy – Therapeutic lasers provide non-invasive care for a variety of ailments including arthritis and orthopedic problems, gingivitis, skin issues, and more. It is used to encourage healing from traumatic injuries and provide pain relief without the use of medication. Laser therapy is safe and effective, and we are proud to offer it at our small animal clinic.

Humane Euthanasia ­

Making end of life decisions is not easy for most pet owners. We are here to provide a thorough quality of life evaluation and guide you and your pet through this emotional experience. We take extra care to ensure the comfort of your pet, which is why we provide the option of at-home euthanasia as an alternative to clinic appointments.


Emergencies can be a stressful time for both owner and animal, especially when other veterinary offices are closed. Central Whidbey Veterinary Services provides 24-hour emergency services to any resident in our areas of practice, including: Coupeville, Clinton, Langley, Greenbank, Freeland, Oak Harbor, Anacortes, Mt Vernon, Bow, and Guemes Island. We are one of only two practices to offer these services in the community and welcome new patients at all times.

Need emergency care right now? Call us at 360-678-1881. Let us know your name, the type of animal in need of care, and a brief description of what is happening and we can guide you through the situation until our veterinarian can provide treatment.

Are you from out of town? No problem! If you find yourself in need of urgent veterinary care while you are visiting or vacationing in our area, we are here to provide treatment for your animal until you are able to return home. Give us a call and we will work with you to ensure your pet gets the care it needs.

We understand that during emergencies it can be difficult to make tough decisions regarding the treatment of your animal. Dr. Moody will work with you to decide which treatment is the best option based on both the needs of the animal and your budget. We will never pressure you into expensive diagnostics or unnecessary procedures and will walk you through each option to ensure you have the knowledge to make the best informed decision.


Our practice also features a fully-equipped mobile clinic that allows you to acquire veterinary care no matter where you are. At-home veterinary care is an excellent choice for large animals and livestock, as well as animals that become stressed during medical care or travel. It is also a convenient way to schedule routine veterinary care around your schedule. Our mobile clinic offers a range of diagnostics, including large animal ultrasound and digital x-rays. We can also provide in-home euthanasia services to make end-of-life medical care easy and comforting for both you and your pet.


Central Whidbey Veterinary Services specializes in large animal and livestock veterinary care. We work with horses, goats, donkeys, mules, llamas, alpacas, cattle, pigs, chickens and more! We focus on both individual care, as well as overall herd health and are eager to get to know your farm. Before an animal gets sick, we highly recommend setting up an appointment to have our veterinarian evaluate your herd. Our mobile clinic will come out to assess the needs of your animals and assist you with providing preventative care before an emergency happens. We understand the need for cost-effective care and will always present you with treatment options.

Dr. Moody has been a large animal veterinarian in Coupville WA and a horse veterinarian since 2002 and loves working with large animals.

From equine dentistry to artificial insemination, our clinic will ensure that your livestock are well taken care of. We are able to use both digital mobile x-rays, as well as large animal ultrasound on-site, to provide real-time diagnostics. For large animal breeding, we can provide wellness exams throughout the pregnancy and be on-call in case of birthing difficulties (dystocia). If you plan on traveling with your horses or livestock, we can also provide brand inspections, health certificates, and Coggins tests.

Our veterinary staff is passionate about sharing our knowledge of animals with the community. We are proud supporters of 4-H education and getting youth involved in animal care and compassion. Email us today to ask about our participation in your upcoming community events!


We can provide a Certificate of Veterinary Inspection to any animal for the purpose of interstate and intrastate travel, sale, exhibition, ownership change and more. We also provide health certificates for airline travel upon request.